Episode 23

Thank You For Doing Your Job


June 15th, 2020

1 hr 49 mins 36 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

In this episode, Chris and Andre are happy to be talking about sports even if its focused on the NFL’s apology and Drew Brees saying stupid things, dive into politics to chat about the evolving response to police violence across the country and debate where the economy is headed, and wrap things up with a conversation about food.

(00:00:24) Intros - The guys have their longest and most rambling introduction yet where Chris is very proud of himself for finally doing his job and getting some old episodes edited, Andre names the episode, the guys talk about how “real” their podcast is and how truly “dope” Sam Jackson is. Chris plugs EyeBuyDirect.com for affordable glasses (Reminder: we do not get paid for these plugs, we legitimately like the products we suggest)!

(00:15:07) Sports - Andre was getting excited at the potential for sports seasons in 2020, but Roger Goodell and Drew Brees ruined that for him, the guys discuss the FSU player’s walk-out as the power people have to push for change, Andre explains his shock to find out Bubba Wallace is black.

(00:26:05) Politics - Andre explains why it’s so important to listen and avoid the “us versus them” mentality, the guys talk about their political histories, Andre points to the lack of opportunities and options in inner city neighborhoods, Chris hopes the mix of protest crowds will get more people involved, the guys discuss Donald Trump’s continued political gaffes and how republican politicians in Washington have failed to keep him in check, Andre shares his story of a brush with the Secret Service.

(00:42:11) Social Media - For once, the guys stop bashing social media and start bashing the way people have come to use it, then discuss their issues with modern journalism and the potential for user-generated (open-source) news content.

(00:51:08) Politics…again? - The guys discuss Trump’s attack on Colin Powell and more major political snafus, Chris points to Trump’s lack of personal accountability as the reason nothing “sticks” to him and Andre brings up his recent attacks on President George W. Bush. The guys spend some time discussing calls to “Defund the Police” and the way it’s portrayed in the media, the guys talk about Camden, New Jersey as the closest example for a reformed police, the guys discuss their dislike for unions and their low expectations for corporate America to follow through on any of its recent promises for social change. The guys close out the political discussion by asking why North Carolina and other southern states have historically elected democratic governors and mayors but have republican representation in Congress?

(01:38:25) Cooking - The guys discuss how much better the Impossible Burger is compared to the Beyond Burger, Chris shares a recent bad experience ordering burgers from Red Robins, Andre talks about how much it warmed his heart to see his wife make meals for his son, Chris talks about how he takes over his mom’s kitchen when he goes to visit her, and the guys make plans to grab lunch soon!

(01:45:55) That’s a wrap! - The guys want to thank everyone who continues to tune in to their ramblings and Andre outlines the three things we all can do to make a difference. The guys be back soon with a brand new episode so don’t go too far!