Episode 240

Black Adam and The Future Of The DC Extended Universe


December 13th, 2022

20 mins 4 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Along the way they debate the impact of Dwayne Johnson’s promotion of the film, the overall quality, it’s place in the DCEU, and whether or not DC can ever capture what Marvel did in Phase 1.

(00:02:45) Dwayne Johnson’s major push for the film and cross-promotional attempts
(00:06:02) “It’s not The Marine.”
(00:07:28) Answering questions from Shazam!
(00:12:30) Is DC fighting a losing battle trying to take on the MCU?
(00:15:46) Andre is missing the point.
(00:16:07) Why we don’t need any more origin stories and the success of The Batman
(00:18:26) The Ten Rings saga in Marvel

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