Episode 251

Parenting Is Hard, Why Do We Keep Making It Harder?


December 22nd, 2023

1 hr 17 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

(00:00:00) Parenting Is A Lost Art - Chris explains some of the problems he's been facing lately, Andre shares why he feels that most parents have not figured out how to actually parent their kids.
(00:09:03) The Struggle Is Real - The guys discuss how honest they are with their kids and much of their own personal struggles they share.
(00:20:28) Well, Well, Well, If It Isn't The Consequences Of My Own Actions - Chris and Andre talk about consequences when kids break the rules and how each of them likes to handle things.
(00:40:21) Parenting A Small Version Of Yourself + Your Ex - The guys both have experience raising kids after a divorce and they discuss the difficulties that can bring and Andre shares what it took for him to overcome that.
(00:45:46) Parenting Is Hard Enough, Stop Making It Harder - Andre takes issue with the way some parents go about things and explains why they are ultimately just making things more difficult for themselves.
(00:59:46) How Parenting Saved Andre's Life - Andre shares how he feels parenting made the difference between him living to see 21 or not.
(01:06:24) Balancing Parenting and Work - The guys talk about how important it is to find a job that gives you the flexbility you need to be home and that allows you to be happy so you aren't making your family miserable when you are home.

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