Episode 33

The Scorched Earth Theory


August 6th, 2020

1 hr 46 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, Chris and Andre talk politics, cash in on a new segment focused on business, go viral with social media, and rap about life… all while dealing with a big thunderstorm and subsequent power outages!

(00:00:24) Intro - Chris and Andre have both been trying to consume less news and instead have been binging shows like Hanna and That White People Shit.

(00:04:13) Politics - Chris and Andre talk about how Fox News’ white suprmecist support has come back to haunt them, Trump continuing to spread misinformation and sign ineffective Executive Orders, Mark Zuckerburg criticizes the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic, America’s lack of concern and empathy for other Americans, Stevie Wonder’s take on the current state of affairs, and the guys talk about their families’ plans for the upcoming school year.

(00:28:10) Business - The guys introduce a new segment focused on business, in this case talking about the lack of support for small businesses during the pandemic, the principles of “Business 201”, and the marketing masacre that’s occurring right now.

Chris shares his experience looking for work in 2012, Andre talks about what is currently happening in the markets and says U.S. Economy 3.0 is on the horizon.

(00:45:48) Social Media - Andre spiels on “cancel culture” saying it’s the step culture of boycotts, Chris weighs the pros and cons of social media, Andre explains the First Amendment, Chris asks, “What happened to innocent until proven guilty?”

The guys talk about Chance the Rapper and Kanye, Goya, and Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, Louis Farrakhan quotes, and Ice Cube being the scariest person they don’t want to piss off (we love you, Cube!).

(01:13:02) Life - The guys talk about “Evangelical Protestants”, Trump’s lack of progress on the Evangelical agenda, and the Prison Industrial Complex. Andre tries to talk about Cisco’s recent Diversity Forum bringing out all the racists, but Chris only wants to reminisce about Sisqo’s Thong Song. Andre asks if we have a government for companies or one for the people and Chris does his best to answer.

Chris equates millennials building up Kanye to buying a drink or two for the cute girl at the bar.

(1:38:51) Oh no! - Andre loses power momentarily, so Chris does his best to entertain until he can dial back in…

(01:41:16) That’s a wrap! - The guys close things out after Andre rejoins the call. Chris tells on himself for not editing episodes (but that clearly wasn’t enough to get more than one done in a week!). Be sure to check out chrisandnandreshow.com, subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, and please be sure to rate us and review us!