Episode 35

I Love You Brother, But You Know That's Why You're White


August 13th, 2020

1 hr 26 mins 27 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

In this episode, the guys give some shoutouts to the good food they’ve had lately, talk about how Chris’ home improvement projects are affecting the show, flip over the political roundtable, discuss life from a number of perspectives, why Andre can’t take young people seriously, and how this friendship (and podcast) actually works.

(00:00:24) Intros - Chris and Andre are happy to be back recording another episode, despite another crazy week of life.

(00:01:52) Cooking - Andre talks about a delicious meal his wife made, while Chris explains how he messed up mashed potatoes with smoked paprika. Andre talks about how he doesn’t really need meat substitutes anymore, Chris shares how a Menu Board his girlfriend created has made mealtime and shopping a lot easier, Andre teases Chris about picking out his clothes the night before, Chris tells another Mellow Mushroom story, then gives a semi-shoutout to Chlo-Chlo brand foods for their frozen cauliflower pizzas, and Andre “humble” brags about his expensive pots and pans.

(00:18:07) Around the House - Andre loves Chris’ dad now that they finally met during Episode 24, Chris shares a story about him and his dad trimming some bushes at his house and how that impacted the podcast multiple times, Andre tells Chris he sucks.

(00:28:54) Politics - WARNING: Andre “puts some pepper on his food” in this section, though Chris did his best to edit it, but proceed at your own risk!

Andre and Chris spend some time talking about the 2019 REVOLT Summit, with a focus on Candace Owens’ and Killer Mike’s opinions. The guys find some merit in some of Owens’ arguments, but agree she sees things through her own lens. Andre refuses to buy into the “Us versus Them” argument and explains why he doesn’t rock with Farrakhan.

The conversation eventually steers towards Donald Trump, recognizing the difference between right and wrong, recent poll trends, and conspiracy theories believed by Trump supporters.

(00:48:35) Life - Andre explains what is wrong with Chris’ approach to his neighbor’s crazy theory, Chris acknowledges that avoiding the problem is a terrible way to live your life and tries to provide some context to his relationship with his neighbors, Andre explains why we are where we are right now and asks how do we bring everyone along for the ride?

Andre makes it clear that he doesn’t expect anything from white people, but asks that they don’t throw anything in his way. The guys spend a little time talking about Kanye and Chance the Rapper, the impact of entertainers and athletes, the worst thing that could happen to Colin Kaepernick, and Bubba Wallace getting wrecked during the All-star race.

(01:06:18) Pop Culture - Andre explains why he can’t take young people seriously right now and points to Hip Hop as an example, Chris points to the cyclicality of trends and says this is just the 90’s all over again. This starts a whole conversation about Andre’s Top 5/10 rappers all-time and the guys agree to each do a Top 10 Rappers list for next week’s episode. Chris tries to come up with a Top 10 list he might actually be good at and gets nowhere.

(01:15:00) What Makes This Friendship (and Podcast) Work - Chris takes a moment to explain what makes this whole friendship (and podcast) thing work, at least from his perspective, and gets a little sappy in the process. Andre gives his perspective and explains how he does not take someone’s ideology as a complete representation of that person.

Chris argues for listening and compromise and Andre disagrees on the compromise part. Ultimately, the guys agree to disagree.

(01:24:45) That’s a wrap! - The guys close things out on Episode 27 before their significant others come looking for them!