Episode 37

Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much


August 19th, 2020

1 hr 59 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys trade tales of house projects, share their excitement for a new grocery store, talk about sports and standing or kneeling, debate if political parties are really just unions, take issue with American Christianity, and close things out by sharing their Top 10 Rappers lists and “rapping” about music.

NOTE: Apologies from Chris for the low quality of Andre’s audio in this episode. He failed to notice that Andre’s computer didn’t have the right microphone selected until they were almost done recording… lesson learned!

(00:00:34) Intros - The guys are back for the 28th episode, and get things rolling with an update from Chris on his progress on some home projects.

(00:01:26) Around the House - Chris talks about how the right tool can make all the difference, and Andre shares tales from his days as a carpenter.

(00:07:09) Cooking - The guys talk about recent food they’ve eaten, including Andre’s quest for Chicken of the Forest mushrooms, the guys talk about the new Wegman’s opening up nearby, Chris shares the success of his family’s recipe board and his love for a new Taquitos recipe, Andre’s been craving classic southern staples lately, and the guys talk about their love for the Impossible Burger.

(00:12:02) Sports - The guys talk about the (un)likelihood of team sports seasons in 2020, point to the outbreaks in baseball and the success of baseball as opposite ends of the spectrum, Chris tries to empathize with NFL players not wanting to skip a year of football for money’s sake, and Andre talks about A-Rod’s position of wanting teams to play and then the continued topic of kneeling in sports and the misinformation associated with it.

(00:26:27) Politics - Andre explains the First Amendment again and how it doesn’t apply to private enterprises and then explains how he’s dealing with his anger right now, Chris says Trump’s flurry of executive orders as a desperate attempt to curry favor with voters and asks people to admit our mistake and correct it, Andre tries to take the advice of the late John Lewis when it comes to Trump.

The guys talk about the real issue with people earning more money from unemployment benefits, the massive closure of restaurants across the country, and the chances of the economy rebounding anytime soon.

The topic turns to the upcoming election and political parties, Chris says the DNC and RNC are really just unions run amok, Andre proposes a solution to drain the swamp, the potential “Blue Wave” coming in November, the fear amongst Republicans about what their party represents, and the conscious of Supreme Court Justices.

(00:51:07) Life - The conversation turns to life, including the evolution of the term slave, one simple commandment to follow, Andre’s disdain for ASPCA commercials, Chris’ issue with certain charity organizations, golden temples and false idols, abortion being used as a politcal chess piece, and then somehow the conversation turns to World War II and the US playing both sides.

(01:30:11) That’s a wrap! Or is it a rap? - Andre is appreciative of the time he gets to spend talking to Chris each week and starts to close things out until Chris points out that they did not reveal their Top 10 Rappers list they talked about last week!

(01:32:17) Top 10 Rappers - The guys do a quick Top 10, with Chris providing his Top 10 White Rappers of All Time and Andre listing out his Top 10 Overall Rappers. After revealing their lists, the guys spend some time just talking about the genre in general. Andre introduces Chris to UK Rhyme via Young T & Bugsey’s Don’t Rush, explains why he thinks reggaeton is more hip hop than hip hop, and talks about his issue with modern American hip hop.

(01:57:18) That’s a Wrap! - This is, it’s for real. The guys are still recording more episodes, and if Chris can get them edited, you just might hear them sometime soon!