Episode 41

This Is Not A Test


August 22nd, 2020

1 hr 48 mins 28 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys spend some time talking about the difference between different types of sports fans, debate the legitimacy of cityhoods, agree that political affiliation now equals fanaticism, share tales from the tech industry and the impact of the pandemic on businesses, and talk frankly about college sports this year.

(00:00:24) Intros - The guys are back for another episode and start things off by welcoming everyone to the new normal, and laughing at Fox News for having to defend their racist positions.

(00:03:30) Sports - Andre doesn’t have high hopes for an NFL season and shares a story about a recent trip to Lowes to highlight the importance of sports in his life, the guys discuss the difference between sports in the Northeast versus the South, Chris lets his Hater Flag fly as he recalls a recent trip to Chapel Hill but Andre won’t let him slide.

(00:13:22) Life - The guys transition into talking about the difference between cities with Andre saying Raleigh is not a “real city” which Chris disagrees with, the guys worry about the continued gentrification and suburban sprawl in Wake County but disagree on the appeal of the growing Mixed Use residential developments. Andre thinks we’re experiencing a land shortage, Chris talks about the growth he’s seen in Cary over the past 17 years.

(00:25:19) Politics - Chris gets dark and says he doesn’t have much faith left in the US and thinks the world is just waiting for us to fall, Andre agrees and says they’re also laughing behind our backs but says we’re not weak enough to let our experiment fail. Andre then equates Donald Trump to an incompentent employee in over his head and breaks down the Trump voting block, Chris equates political affiliation to college fandom.

The guys discuss the lack of a new stimulus package or any common sense measures at all from congress and how we continue to elect the wrong people, Andre provides some guidance he received from his pastor recently, Chris thinks we have allowed someone else to manage our government and Andre provides some texture. The guys provide a presidential history lesson dating back to Ronald Reagan and wonder if generational changeover contributes to the pendulum swings seen in politics.

(00:54:33) Business - Chris and Andre debate whether millennials have an argument for being upset about the second financial crisis of their generation, discuss white collar tech jobs becoming the new working-class job, the false bill of goods most companies sell new employees, the never-satisfied stock market and companies gobbling up other companies, their experience with companies growing and being acquired, the defaulting restaurant and bar industry, and the business decision colleges face around sports and the potential long-term impacts.

Despite their best efforts, the guys get back to Donald Trump as they close out their business discussion.

(01:35:20) That’s a wrap! - Andre takes a moment to call for more voices to call out Dave Chappelle as a strong voice and leader and reminds us that the key is providing opportunities in the places where there currently are none, Chris gets a cliche wrong while trying to make a point, and the guys finally close the book on another episode.