Episode 75

Not Everybody Understands What's Behind The Curtain


December 2nd, 2020

1 hr 14 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys fail miserably at avoiding the politics topic, so much so that it basically permeates every single other topic they DO try to cover, including some of the latest tech news and developments and a look at the business and economic landscape moving forward.

(00:02:10) Technology - Andre shares some aspects of his latest “Hackintosh” problems and potential solutions, the guys share their takes on desktops versus laptops in the modern computing era.

(00:09:28) Politics - The guys spend a WHOLE lotta time talking about Trump and the debacle that we have all been experiencing since the election, continue their conversation about the inevitable splintering of the Republican party, and do find time to talk a little bit about the capable people with which President-elect Joe Biden appears to be surrounding himself.

(00:38:55) Business - The guys discuss what they believe it will take to recover from the economic downturn the United States finds itself in, Chris asks if a move back towards local economies would be beneficial for some communities, Andre talks about how the remaining businesses can hope to survive another potential lockdown, the guys share their practices for supporting local businesses, which leads to an in-depth conversation about grocery store marketing practices.

Chris condemns deceptive marketing practices, Andre says the natural selection of businesses will eliminate those who are deceptive, but Chris wants immediate results.

(01:10:52) Politics… again? - The guys get back onto the “Trump” topic to discuss just how disturbing some of his behavior has been and how he will be remembered in history, look back on Biden’s steady hand through the past several months despite all the chaos, Chris wants to know where Mike Pence has been hiding, Andre explains how it is that people like Mitch McConnell keep getting reelected, Chris talks about some of his favorite U.S. Presidents.

(01:46:30) Closing Thoughts - Even though they had no plans to talk politics, that’s almost all they did today, forcing them to skip one of their planned topics: sports. Oh well! Next week it will have to be!