Episode 11

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March 27th, 2020

2 hrs 5 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, the guys take a meandering walk through number of topics including the latest updates on the coronavirus and the federal government’s lack of leadership, the fate of Cam Newton in the NFL and other sports topics, they have a debate about legalizing marijuana, and wrap things up by diving back into the political arena.

(00:00:24) Introductions - The guys don’t waste any time getting started in this episode, so neither will we!

(00:00:45) Politics - Andre shares his take on the “state” of things here in the United States amidst the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of leadership from the President and tackle other breaking news in the political sphere.

(00:06:24) Coronavirus Update - A brief interruption from Chris’ daughter leads the guys to change topics and discuss the Coronavirus situation as it affects them including the closure of schools until May 15th, Chris shares his recent toilet paper excursion experience and how it’s led him to hate people.

(00:16:04) Commercial Break #1 - Our first ever commercial break is brought to you by Helena.

(00:17:57) Coronavirus Update Cont’d - Andre talks about people with disabilities being affected by the pandemic, Chris talks about his sister’s experience getting home from Portugal and then requests the child President kindly step aside and let the adults handle the situation.

(00:22:00) Coronavirus Update Cont’d - The guys continue to share their disgust for the way things are currently being handled and corporations threatening layoffs unless they get bailout money.

(00:28:25) Pop Culture - Chris talks about having watched the American Factory documentary, which leads to a brief discussion about worker unions before…

(00:31:39) Sports - The guys discuss recent NFL moves including the Panthers expected to release QB Cam Newton, Melvin Gordon signing with Andre’s Broncos, Philip Rivers signing with the Colts and his relationship with Anthony Lynn, Chris displays his knowledge of NC State QBs in the NFL.

(00:41:25) Sports Cont’d - Andre just doesn’t like Cam Newton and Chris does his best to defend him for some reason, someone thinks Lamar Jackson is a poor man’s Taysom Hill and Chris goes on a rant about it which leads to a discussion about the “value” of stats, the guys debate if height at QB is an advantage or not.

(00:53:54) Debate Time! - Dust off your monogramed sports jacket and clean off your glasses, it’s time for a good ole fashioned debate! The topic today: Legalization of Marijuana. Andre believes decriminalization is as far as we should go, Chris believes Marijuana should be reclassified at the federal level to allow for more testing and then states should decide medicinal or recreational use.

(01:20:43) Politics… again - The debate about legalization leads the guys to a broader discussion about the federal minimum wage and addressing issues at the state level, this leads back to a discussion about unions so Chris shares a story about his dad’s experience with auto unions in Detroit growing up, Chris bashes on camels unnecessarily, Andre explains that people have to be 100% committed to changing things if we want them to change, Chris says he’s tired of being embarrassed as an American, Andre wants to come out of this election cycle without being bitter, the guys briefly discuss the Andrew Gillum situation and Chris sees another conspiracy and Andre just doesn’t want to know, the guys discuss the senators who sold stocks after getting Coronavirus information with a focus on the North Carolina senators.

(01:54:25) That’s a wrap! The guys have a couple things left to say before they close out another episode. Join them next week as they look to tackle some new topics and (possibly) introduce some new segments!