Episode 10

Pop Culture, Politics, And Popcorn


March 18th, 2020

1 hr 46 mins 24 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

In this episode, the guys discuss the impact of the Coronavirus on everyday life and beyond, dive into the world of gender inequality in US Soccer, share their distaste for the latest Star Wars film, and debate the best way to solve the countries political problems.

(00:00:24) Intro - The guys get a little ahead of themselves (numbers-wise) and dive in to an update on their lives post Coronavirus Pandemic…

(00:01:22) Coronavirus Update - With schools closing and everything else on lockdown, the guys discuss the initial response to the global pandemic and talk about what their plans are going forward.

(00:14:41) Sports - Or rather, no sports :( the guys begin a discussion on the lack of sports in America, Chris’ daughter Helena stops by to say hello to Andre and show him her homework, Chris almost feels bad for sports talk show hosts right now, Tom Brady is leaving the Patriots, Andre can’t handle the stupidity of the USMNT’s deposition statements and the guys go down the rabbit hole of inequality and treating people fairly for a minute.

(00:29:02) Pop Culture - Andre hates on the Rise of Skywalker film and Chris agrees it was pretty awful, Chris hates on most of the movies he’s watched lately for being too lazy to care, the guys discuss if movie length plays a role in bad films these days, Chris and Andre both enjoyed Mr. Right (2015) with Ana Kendrick and Sam Rockwell, Chris reveals to Andre that Spenser Confidential (discussed on last week’s episode) is based on the old series Spenser for Hire that Andre watched as a child, making him even more upset and forcing him to update his Netflix rating, Andre talks about Little which somehow leads to a discussion of Tyler Perry’s modern blacksploitation, Chris keeps falling asleep to Fast and Furious movies but discovered why Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson don’t work together anymore (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdN4ivDKabM&t=319s), the guys exchange Excel insults, Andre admits to loving Jersey Shore and Flora-Bama Shore.

(00:51:35) Politics - Chris hasn’t watched a debate yet but admits he thinks there’s a conspiracy against Bernie Sanders, Andre talks a lot about Bernie Sanders’ movements, Chris disagrees with the assertion that Bernie has already “won” by changing the focus of the issues being discussed (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/07/opinion/bernie-sanders-democratic-primary.html) and the guys discuss the likely outcomes, Andre wants Progressives to create a new party while Chris believes it’s reasonable to use the platform of the DNC to push for changes, Chris explains why Bernie Sanders thought it was time to push for massive change at the DNC, the guys discuss Biden’s potential running mates and Chris comes up with a brilliant idea, the discussion comes back to gender-bias and inequality.

(01:39:21) That’s a Wrap! - The guys will be back again next week and Andre wants to talk about the legalization of marijuana, amongst others!