Episode 9

Don't Apologize, Just Change The Behavior


March 12th, 2020

1 hr 28 mins 28 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

In this week's episode, the guys start out by discussing some films they've seen recently, then dive deep on the topic of sports, "rap" about social media and technology for a bit, discuss the latest political happenings, and finally wrap things up with some cooking conversation.

(00:00:24) Kick Things Off - The guys waste no time getting into their discussion after a week off!

(00:00:51) Pop Culture - Chris and Andre discuss the latest films they’ve seen and the varying levels of suspended belief required for the new Shaft (2019), the Post Malone-vehicle: Spenser Confidential, and Jumanji: The Next Level, the guys discuss Pete Davidson’s new stand-up special on Netflix, Andre talks about the Trials of Gabriel Fernandez.

(00:20:11) Sports - Chris celebrates the NC State Wolfpack Women’s basketball ACC Tournament Championship as the guys discuss the upcoming men’s basketball tournament, Andre wishes the US Women’s Soccer team should get paid more than the men because of their dominance in the sport and their contribution to the popularity of the sport in the US, Chris talks about the sports radio shake up that will see the end of the long-running Dave Glenn Show and bring Joe Giglio to the afternoon slot, the guys discuss their own travel experiences, Andre won’t be attending the Carolina Hurricanes outdoor hockey game, Brewer’s outfielder Christian Yelich is getting paid until he’s 50, the NFL players feel the CBA is negotiating in bad faith and the guys discuss the different elements at play, Andre thinks this could be an opportunity for the XFL to make a push, Chris asks Andre for his take on the Spike Lee drama with the Knicks.

(00:43:30) Social Media - Andre deleted his LinkedIn account and the guys discuss the present-day value of the social network for professionals, the guys talk about guerrilla digital marketing tactics like gaining access to microphones.

(00:48:34) Technology - Police departments are using Google location services to cast huge dragnets to try and identify potential suspects, the guys discuss the state of user agreements and lawsuits.

(01:00:14) Politics - Andre called Biden winning the nomination by winning South Carolina, Chris says if the entire country wanted Bernie that we’d have more Bernie’s already, Andre says it’s because people grow up, Chris complains about the lack of youth present at the DNC, the guys discuss the Coronavirus and the people taking advantage of it.

(01:15:07) Cooking - Andre is close to perfecting his seitan steak, then goes off on a rant about a recent Outback Steakhouse experience, Chris talks about how he tries to be a “low-impact” vegan customer, Apex Vegan Community Kitchen is now on Postmates!, Chris ate Taco Bell for the first time since becoming vegan, the guys discuss favorite past drunk meal stops including Sheetz, Cookout, Waffle House, and Gypsy’s Shiny Diner, Chris is going to get Andre to help him with his vegan bakery, Andre says he turns into Gordon Ramsey when he steps inside a restaurant.

(01:26:51) That’s a wrap! - The guys will be back next week, thanks for tuning in!