Episode 14

Living The Charmin Lifestyle


April 23rd, 2020

1 hr 42 mins 28 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode of The Chris and Andre Show, the guys travel back in time three weeks to take a look at what was popular (or not) in pop culture then, give their takes on Social Media platforms and Politics, spend some time focusing on just the politics part of the last segment, and wrap things up with a fun discussion about sports including their Top 10 All-Time NFL QB Lists!

NOTE: This episode was recorded on April 8th, 2020, but because Chris is bad at time-management, he hasn’t gotten around to editing a couple of the last episodes…

(00:00:24) Intro - The guys discuss the “unlucky” nature of the thirteenth episode and give a quick update on their Coronavirus.

(00:02:45) Pop Culture - The guys share which movies they’ve been watching including What Men Want, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, and Uncle Drew, Andre says he just can’t watch Tiger King, but he can watch Dirty Money.

(00:12:02) Politics and Social Media - Andre hates Twitter now, so the guys discuss their disdain for arguing on social media, Andre thinks group-think is contributing to the defense and support fo President Trump, Chris thinks it might be a single-issue issue, Andre takes issue with inconsistent Christians, the guys think people don’t really believe what they say on Twitter, nor do they think anyone really cares what they have to say on social media, Chris talks about his crazy Facebook friend again, Andre is surprised how digitally-mean people are and Chris relates it to driving in a car, Andre thinks he’s missing out because he’s not on Facebook.

(00:34:43) (Just) Politics - Andre is tired of the “Medicare for All” argument and the guys try to find a reasonable solution, the guys dive into the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the government (both in general and this specific administration) in relation to a number of topics, Chris brings up the Wisconsin mail-in-ballot Supreme Court Case, and the guys spend some time talking about partisan politics and local government here in NC.

(00:56:40) Sports - The guys discuss the MJ vs. LeBron debate and both decide there’s no point in having the conversation (but Andre says MJ was still better than LeBron), the guys discuss the latest news in the NFL including the upcoming Draft, Robert Kraft’s recently providing help to neighboring and rival New York, and the Patriots lack of a QB.

(01:03:47) Top 10 All-Time NFL QBs - The guys introduce a new and completely original element to their sports segment with a Top 10 list! With no preparation whatsoever, Chris and Andre answer the age old question: who are the Top 10 All-Time NFL Quarterbacks? The guys circle back to MJ to discuss his lack of success in Charlotte,

(01:31:36) It’s a Wrap! - The guys close things out with a brief discussion on the future after the pandemic.