Episode 15

How Have You Not Figured Out How To Make Money Off Of This?


April 26th, 2020

1 hr 42 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of the Chris and Andre Show the guys give an update on their COVID-19 lives, discuss politics ad nauseam, spend a minute or two on cooking (or really, eating), catch up on some movies, provide a quick update on sports, and close things out with a geek-out on technology.

(00:00:24) Intro - After some user error caused the first intro to not get recorded, the guys spend a moment updating each other (and you) on their current state amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, with a quick update from our favorite interrupter, Helena!

(00:05:25) Politics - The guys waste no time jumping into the political arena to discuss the state of the stock market, the recent stimulus package, calls to “reopen” the country to save the economy, the downside of social media and politics, and the current President’s need for attention and praise during this crisis.

(00:15:30) Social Media - The political discussion leads the guys to briefly switch topics and circle back to the debate of whether or not there’s any real value to social media and how they interact with it these days, but when Chris brings up Instagram, Andre decides it’s time for another change

(00:17:25) Cooking - Andre tried Red Robin’s Impossible Burger and liked it, Chris talks about some new restaurants he’s tried and enjoyed, Chris says he’s not a basic bitch and then talks about his bread baking like a basic bitch.

(00:21:06) Pop Culture - The guys discuss recent movies and tv shows they’ve been watching including The Last O.G. starring Tracy Morgan, Barry starring Bill Hader, and Andre finally watched the Tiger King.

(00:28:26) Coronavirus Update - The guys switch over to a different kind of culture and discuss workplace culture and what companies are doing during the pandemic, the guys agree that companies who can’t succeed on their own should be allowed to fail, Andre takes issue with GrubHub’s current tactics, Chris takes issue with President Trump’s dismantling of government infrastructure, the guys discuss the narrative that any government is bad government, Chris talks about the presidential appointees being a contributing factor, the guys almost end their conversation before spending another 10 minutes talking about politics…

(00:59:25) Sports - The guys talk about NASCAR’s iRacing league setup and the trouble it’s already caused, including Kyle Larson’s use of a racial slur during a live event, which leads the guys to a conversation about culture and appropriation, Andre takes a moment to go on a personal rant about Eminem,

(01:16:06) Technology - The guys geek out for a bit and talk about static versus dynamic websites and the value of services and platforms like Wordpress in the modern era of the web, and close things out with a brief history lesson about the time they worked together at that one company.

(1:41:52) It’s a wrap! - Join us next time for more interesting opinions from your two favorite podcast hosts!