Episode 16

I Hope You Don't Feel Woke


April 29th, 2020

1 hr 41 mins 35 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

In this week’s episode, the guys spend some time talking about food, dive deep into politics on multiple occasions, catch up on sports (or the lack-there-of), and tackle racism in America once again.

NOTE: This episode was recorded on April 22nd, but due to Chris’ inability to edit episodes quickly, it’s only now getting published, but please enjoy!

(00:00:24) Intro - The guys catch you up on the past week or so, including their shared problems falling and staying asleep lately,

(00:03:55) Cooking - The guys share stories about homemade pizza, pizza ordering ordeals, un-authentic vegan cheesesteaks, and online ordering mishaps. The guys debate mushrooms, whether there’s more/better flavors in plant-based cooking.

(00:11:47) Social Media - The guys talk about the dangerous allure of social media during the pandemic.

(00:15:19) Politics - The guys start discussing their predictions for economic recovery from the pandemic, large organizations taking advantage of small business loan program, people pushing to end stay-at-home orders, what the government should be doing to help people, the threat of future underemployment in the future, potential unionization of workforces.

(00:37:41) Sports - Speaking of businesses going under, the guys discuss the demise of the XFL, the latest trades prior to the upcoming draft, baseball’s proposed solution of playing in Arizona, the thought of sports with no fans, and come up with a potential solution for basketball.

(00:41:53) Life: Racism - The guys catch up on on Kyle Larson’s fate which leads to a larger discussion of race in America: Andre doesn’t care unless it’s said to his face, Chris says there’s a path of redemption for Larson and points to Riley Cooper, the guys agree that certain slurs are on a different level than others, Andre talks about how exhausting it is to have someone be intentionally racist towards you, the guys have both been loving the new Netflix series, #BlackAF, by Kenya Barris and spend some time talking about the value and humor it delivers on while tackling a tough issue while continuing their conversation on racism in America.

(01:05:56) Politics, again - The guys get back into politics after talking about former President Obama, this time discussing having respect for the office itself, how the former President gave the impression he knew what he was doing, and how the current President is a terrible leader.

(01:17:50) Life, again - The guys double-back on another topic as Andre shares some wisdom he learned from his Mom, and Chris shares a story about a time he lied to his whole family, the guys talk about how racism has morphed into classism (with plenty of racism mixed in), Andre says people need to be lookin for opportunities coming out of the pandemic, Chris still struggles to understand how people can profit off certain services and the lack of competition in certain industries, Andre thinks innovation is the thing that’s been missing, Chris wants to see a push to revitalize infrastructure and the economy following the pandemic, and Andre provides his guide to coming out of this downturn on top.

(01:37:29) It’s a wrap! - The guys thank everyone who has been tuning in to listen to their ramblings! And keep an eye out for a brand-spanking-new home of The Chris and Andre Show, coming soon to an internet near you!