Episode 17

Do Life With People


May 23rd, 2020

1 hr 43 mins 28 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of the Chris and Andre Show, the guys give an update on the pandemic, talk about family life, dive into politics, tackle racism, spend some time on football, and wrap things up by talking about their new website and other tech-related topics.

NOTE: Chris has really been slacking lately! This episode was recorded on April 28, 2020.

(00:00:24) Intro - Chris and Andre are glad to be back and give an update on how things are going at home during the coronavirus quarantine, including the struggles around remote education for themselves and a lot of parents.

(00:03:26) Family - The guys take on a familiar topic (see what I did there?) by discussing some of the difficulties of parenting.

(00:11:05) Politics - Chris calls the sitting president a mass murderer, the guys talk about the clear shift in tactics to divert blame to China, the guys discuss their shared affinity for Vice President Mike Pence, and of course the topic of injecting disinfectants comes up, the guys discuss the need for honesty in politics and business, Andre brings up the numbers from the H1N1 virus to compare.

The guys discuss the state of things in North Carolina and the ridiculous woman who said she was a “hair doctor” and a “psychiatrist” and therefore was an essential business, Chris doesn’t understand people’s need for constant hair and beauty care, the guys debate how long economic recovery could take, the guys discuss the faults in equating the economy with the stock market.

(00:38:25) Life - The guys jump in to a Coronavirus update while discussing the ReopenNC protests and the argument that stay-at-home orders were a violation of Freedom of Religion, Andre takes issue with the weaponization of faith and says he can understand why some people “hate Christians”, the guys talk about the hypocrisy often displayed by “religious” politicians, Andre points out that, like so many things, you can’t group all Christians together.

Andre talks about the struggles of balancing confidence and arrogance, the guys talk about changing your personality to fit in at a workplace, Andre points out that white people are uncomfortable talking about other cultures, Chris brings up the whitewashing of history, Andre talks about finding a way to do life with people and shares a glimpse into what he has experienced as recently as last year.

(01:04:01) Sports - The guys lighten things up a bit and cover the topic of football following the NFL Draft including Bradley Chubb, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski reuniting, the guys discuss the likelihood of a 2020 NFL season, Chris talks about the lack of sports interest he has right now.

(01:11:28) Around the House - The lack of sports leads to a quick subject change, and the guys start talking about recent and upcoming projects at home. Chris is remodeling a bonus room that was previously converted from a carport, while Andre is planning what to do after his youngest moves out.

(01:17:13) Technology - Andre has been busy building the podcast’s new website (https://chrisandandreshow.com) while Chris has been dragging his feet to get his Git environment setup… Andre talks about how much he hates Docker, Chris admits he’s lazy and that’s why podcast episodes are so far behind.

Andre loves Plex but is not a fan of their new podcast app, Chris talks about his podcast consumption habits, Andre rates the guys on the Tech Savvy scale, Chris still hates Amazon tablets, the guys both love Roku and share their distaste for the Apple TVs of old as well as modern-day Smart TVs.

(01:36:51) That’s a wrap! - The guys have been amazed as the number of people enjoying the show lately and really appreciate their audience!