Episode 19

Fox And Fringe


June 3rd, 2020

1 hr 49 mins 23 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, the guys continue their discussion of social media, share some recent food experiences, talk about the meat alternative supply chain, tackle the current political arena, discuss life and religion, before closing things out with a deep dive into technology.

NOTE: This episode was recorded on May 20, 2020. (But good news! Chris might finally be catching up! In fact, if he left this note in here about catching up, that’s a pretty good sign, don’t you think?)

(00:00:24) Intros - Andre gives Chris crap for not editing episodes still but takes time to pimp our new website (https://chrisandandreshow.com).

(00:02:11) Social Media - The guys take a brief dip into the Social Media pool by talking about how awful it is, especially lately,

(00:06:29) Cooking - The guys discuss some of the food the’ve had lately, discuss their distaste for GrubHub taking advantage of restaurants, examine the current gaps in the supply chain, especially with the push for more alternative meats.

(00:22:21) Politics - Chris hopes closet Trump voters have had enough, Andre has noticed a shift in coverage since the daily news briefings stopped, but Andre thinks he should spend more time on camera, Andre calls out Fox News TV personalities, the guys wonder if people just want to be entertained, Andre talks about why he doesn’t trust millionaire Robert Smith, the guys talk about who can and cannot say the “n-word”, Andre shares a diversity training story from his past, the guys discuss the entitlement and hypocrisy of “woke” America, Andre calls for policy over politics in the upcoming elections.

(00:47:45) Life: Religion - The political discussion turns to a religious one as the guys discuss churches applying for small business loans from the Coronavirus bailout, separation of church and state, churches not paying taxes, the trouble with “pay-to-play” megachurches, Chris talks about his issues with “the church” and Andre points out it’s really an issue with people. And with everything else going on right now, we’re still dealing with the shear stupidity of racism. Andre is not hopeful for change based on past evidence.

(01:01:26) Sports - NASCAR returns to Darlington and Golf has also made it’s way back, so what are the chances for the MLB, NFL, and NBA? Chris talks about his NASCAR roots, Andre doesn’t see a way back for the majority of sports leagues as Texas reopens their sports.

(01:14:05) Politics…again - The sports discussion ultimately leads the guys to talk about politics again as Chris points out the stark difference between the previous two Republican Presidential candidates and the current President, the guys discuss the negative impacts of the evolution of media on politics. Fortunately, the Chris wraps up this part of the conversation with a quick recap of his issues with House of Cards.

(01:22:40) Technology - In their quest for a new website, Andre has renewed his hatred for all things Docker and talks about his quest for a static website CMS to appease Chris, the guys gripe about shiny object syndrome and inefficiency in the developer community and discuss the potential issues of remote workers competing for jobs across the globe.

(01:44:26) That’s a wrap! - The guys close out another episode with the hope that they can meet for lunch sometime in the near future and Chris can’t wait for summer camps to open up!