Episode 20

November Can't Get Here Soon Enough


June 7th, 2020

1 hr 47 mins 3 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, Chris and Andre give an update on their lives, spend some time chatting about video games, take a moment to address the George Floyd murder, continue their rant on social media, spend almost an hour talking about politics, and close things out with some tech talk focused on audio production and web development.

NOTE: This episode was recorded May 27, 2020, which means Chris might actually get caught up at some point!

(00:00:24) Intros - Chris is still behind on editing episodes, so I guess just be thankful you’re hearing this one! The guys provide some updates on how things have been going for them. Chris says life at home has been a struggle lately, Andre points out that white people seem to be the ones panicking about the virus and says he unwinds with a couple of games of Madden…

(00:05:34) Video Games - Chris talks about the time in his life he was good at Madden, the guys share stories about their video game system history and how they used to laugh at Sega owners.

(00:08:39) Life - The news of George Floyd’s death at the hands of police has hit hard and the guys have decided to take some time to process things and figure out how to respond.

(00:13:10) Social Media - Chris discusses his current love affair with all-things-Google which leads to a discussion of the guys’ social media habits, Trump saving Twitter, The Great Hack documentary, and the fact that nothing on the internet is “free” and your data is what’s being monetized. Chris compares social media platforms to the banking industry 15 years ago, Andre points out Trump can’t really do anything to Twitter, and Chris says Trump’s insecurities require him to remind everyone he’s the President.

(00:28:46) Politics - Talking about Trump means the guys are diving into politics, and today it’s gonna be a while before they change topics. In this section includes a discussion of Joe Biden’s recent CNN interview, Trump’s calls to move the RNC out of North Carolina, and NC Governor Roy Cooper’s election run against Republican candidate and current Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest. The guys also spend some time discussing how thirsty news organizations are for online engagement and the quest for viral stories, Chris misses John Stewart’s Daily Show.

(01:11:02) Technology - Andre (rightfully) continues to chastise Chris for not editing podcast episodes and asks Chris to take him through his process, which he does with painstaking detail, including admitting he doesn’t know as much as he should for a person with his experience… then the guys spend some time talking about building their new websites, the advantages and disadvantages of Wordpress, and the move to subscription models for all business types.

(01:46:11) That’s a wrap! - The guys have another episode already recorded that should be out soon, in which they spend a lot of time addressing the aftermath of the George Floyd murder and the current climate in the United States.