Episode 2

The One With The Sports Talk


December 31st, 2019

1 hr 10 mins 43 secs

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About this Episode

(00:00:01) - Introductions

(00:01:00) -Vegan Eating: Foodi Ninja, Dr. Praeger’s Burgers, Seitan Steaks, Andre’s Full Conversion, “What the Health”

(00:14:40) - Politics: Democratic debate, State’s rights, popular demand driving down education?

(00:24:00) - Sports: UNC beat somebody (Yale…) Broncos close out strong against the Raiders, Chargers season is done so what’s next for Philip Rivers?

(00:27:30) - Sports, cont’d: Andre won’t have the MJ vs. LeBron discussion, Chris insults Yankees and Lakers fans, Andre compares Giannis to Patrick Mahomes

(00:36:00) - Sports, still?: Lamar Jackson taking advantage of defenses geared towards pocket QBs, new era of football with loss of top QBs?, Carolina Hurricanes are an easy team to root for, Andre lists all his sports allegiances, Chris gets in his jab at Carolina, State beat Duke and Mark Gottfried loses his mind…

(00:56:30) - Life: “The Purity Test”, take the time to understand other people, life is all about trying for Andre, Andre provides his life philosophy, Chris talks about his parents’ influence on his life especially during their travels, Andre says New Years’ Resolutions are stupid

(01:06:50) Chris hits Andre with the worst pun ever outta no where and breaks him permanently…

(01:08:00) - That’s a wrap! Email us at [email protected] with any thoughts or feedback!