Episode 3

Revenge Of The Vegans


January 7th, 2020

1 hr 27 mins 29 secs

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About this Episode

(00:00:30) - Happy New Year! Chris is living vicariously through his sister’s instagram feed (Insta: vitamin.sea.see.si)

(00:05:00) - Andre talks about his last trip to his hometown, New York City, Chris talks about his two experiences in New York

(00:09:15) - Cutting the cord: Chris bought a fancy paper-weight but loves his new kitchen tablet, Andre has a TV in his kitchen

(00:13:45) - Chris still wants his a la carte cable option, wants to know if he’s just paying Netflix to watch the Office over and over again, the guys get into a dstreaming services

(00:16:05) - The conversation starts to drift into sports (surprisingly…) and Andre teases Chris about his State allegiance. Chris talks about what Philip Rivers and Bradley Chubb each mean to NC State, Andre tries to bring the conversation back around to cord cutting, Chris is having none of that

(00:20:00) - The guys talk about the real futbol, but Andre admits he’s more interested in MLS and trying to figure out which team to support, Chris baits Andre with a Luca Doncic hype question while Andre preaches consistency, Andre clarifies support as buying someone’s jersey, Chris hopes Rivers gets a chance to close out his career with a ring

(00:27:22) - Jason Garrett out, Mike McCarthy in. Andre says OBJ was all New York media hype, calls out Victor Cruz, Andre wasn’t impressed by college basketball when he moved to NC

(00:32:28 ) - Vegan Recipes we’ve made lately: Philly Cheese Steak, Peruvian Lomo, Cashew Alfredo Sauce with Fettuccine and Roasted Vegetables, Lemon Garlic Orzo (also with roasted vegetables), Chris and Andre both feel like plant-based diets have reignited their passion in the kitchen, Andre doesn’t miss meat, Chris loves Dr. Praeger’s vegan burgers with beer braised onions (and he did make one, and it was delicious!), what will it take for American restaurants to offer more vegan options

(00:42:00) - Mellow Mushroom’s food is great…but is it worth the wait/service?, the guys share personal memories from their times at Mellow Mushroom and other restaurants along with their personal standards for the service industry (NOTE: we have both spent extensive time working in the service industry),

(00:46:25) - Chris had a less than stellar experience at a local hotel, Andre admits he’s a hotel snob and shares a story about his own bad hotel stay, Chris talks about an off-the-beaten-path hotel experience in Pompeii, experiences over things!

(00:58:00) - Food is at the center of most memories...

(00:59:56) - Culture in the Workplace can’t be manufactured and is more about the people than the company, Andre says it turns out millennials aren’t that bad and admits guilt for his part in creating snowflake generation, companies are marketing non-work things to the workforce, can companies scale while maintaining culture or are people mistaking environment for culture?

(01:12:41) - Andre asks Chris about the Economy, Chris provides a bs answer and Andre calls him on it then educates him, the guys talk about achieving success with a reduced workforce and the implications for the economy, the morality of economic trade-offs.

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(01:24:00) - On the next episode of The Chris and Andre Show: The Economy and What’s Really Bothering Andre About Social Media.

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