Episode 5

Religion And Racism And Cooking, Oh My!


January 22nd, 2020

1 hr 18 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, Chris and Andre tackle some truly heavy subjects, starting with racism in America, followed by Religion in America, and then close things out on a slightly lighter topic by diving into vegan cooking.

(00:01:30) Personal Introductions: The guys finally introduce themselves… 5 episodes in…

(00:06:39) Video Games: Andre played Madden with his son Matt and can’t beat the Houston Texans, Chris rants about EA Sports customer service, Andre and Chris provide their personal gaming preferences

(00:10:35) Politics: Chris, once again, did not watch the Democratic debate, the guys discuss the problems with politics and political parties, Andre reverses course on his issues with pay-wall sites thanks to the Athletic

(00:20:04) Life Part 1 - Religion: The guys tackle some new topics this week, starting with religion in the United States, Andre talks about how he feels Christians unfairly have a negative connotation and how all he really wants is your respect, the guys each give their take on Coexist bumper stickers, Andre talks about the difficulty of raising kids as a Christian parent

(00:26:30) Life Part 1 - Religion: Chris gives his religious background and the basis around his lack of participation in church and his struggles with what he sees as pretty blatant hypocrisy

(00:34:00) Life Part 1 - Religion: Chris talks about what guides him in life and the potential for overlap between scientific theories and religious texts, Andre gives his response saying the only thing you owe yourself is to figure it out for yourself

(00:41:21) Life Part 2 - Racism: Andre and Chris talk about how racism is still very much alive in the United States, Andre says he doesn’t believe in white privilege and that its more about socio-economic privilege so the guys debate that and the difference between it and gentrification

(00:50:00) Life Part 2 - Racism: Andre feels that racism is still prevalent in America but that socio-economic-ism, the guys talk about the effectiveness of affirmative action and the Rooney Rule in the NFL and how recruiting impacts diversity

(00:58:00) Life Part 2 - Racism: the conversation drifts into sexism a little bit for comparison’s sake, Andre says we have to stop looking at things with “first world eyes”, Chris says the only thing that should matter in the workplace is your capability to do the job,

(01:04:00) Cooking: the guys discuss recent vegan meals they’ve made and their recent trips to the Vegan Community Kitchen in Apex, NC, Andre and Chris discuss their preferences for tofu preparation, the guys discuss a recent New York Times article that says being Vegan is “bad” and the evolution of the American diet

(01:13:00) Cooking: Chris says he doesn’t care what other people eat but would like them to be more open to the possibility of eating less meat, the guys discuss bias in studies on health benefits and dangers when it comes to food and crazy laws protecting meat,

(01:16:30) That’s a wrap! The guys will be taking a week off next week but will be back as soon as possible!