Episode 6

It's All About Whoopi


February 12th, 2020

2 hrs 8 secs

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About this Episode

Episode 6 - It’s All About Whoopi - In this episode, Chris and Andre discuss recent sports events, dive into politics with the most recent debates and primaries, chat about vegan cooking, take issue with "woke" people, and close things out with a special guest dropping by.

Sports (00:01:33) - Andre is done as a UNC basketball fan this season, the guys discuss the recent football game between the Chiefs and the 49ers, Chris asks Andre if he thinks Eli Manning deserves to be in the HOF, Chris renounces his Chargers fandom now that Rivers has moved on, and the guys wrap up the sports conversation by discussing the public reaction to the death of Kobe Bryant.

Politics (00:33:14) - The guys discuss the recent democratic primaries and debates, Andre isn’t sold on Mayo Pete Buttigieg but is a fan of the anti-establishment candidates, Chris admits he’s intrigued by Mike Bloomberg’s recent push, Andre believes there’s no true conservative voice left in American politics and the guys discuss the political extremes we see now, Chris gives his perspective on the “Opioid Crisis”, Andre likes Mitt Romney especially after the impeachment trial, the guys discuss past anti-establishment candidates like Ross Perot, Chris and Andre announce their candidacy for President.

Cooking (00:59:47) - Andre talks about concerns surrounding fast-food restaurants offering vegan options, Chris shares an experience where a plant-based burger was served with normal mayonnaise, the guys discuss industrialized agriculture.

Life ( (01:07:33) - Andre takes issue with “woke” people, Chris asks Andre if our Global economy is making us more selfish and the impact of opportunity on culture, Andre states his stance on privilege, the guys talk about American history, then dive into the lack of diversity in “visionaries” and “leaders”, Chris talks about his white-bread background, the guys discuss race-relations in America and look forward to what our future could be, Andre points out that we all have to be willing to work to end racism and believes the Christian Church could be doing more to help here, Chris recaps the plot of Sister Act and realizes its all about Whoopi, the guys talk about being more inclusive and hope that the next generation can make greater progress.

Surprise Guest! (01:55:56) - Andre’s son, Christian Sinclair, stops in to provide his feedback on our podcast so far!

It’s a wrap! (01:56:50) - The guys close out another episode of the podcast. Be sure to bug Andre on Twitter (@ChrisAndAndre) and ask him to live rage tweet his reaction to the next debate!